Grounding our future: rising awareness of climate change

We are a group of international young people who are designing a campaign to raise awareness about Climate Change. Thats why we are currently in our first workshop in Karnitz, in the North of Germany.

For a week we, coming from Vietnam, India, Mauritius, Italy and Germany, are living together in a sustainable framework at a country-side house in the rural village of Karnitz, in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region. The house is indeed equipped with solar panels and the majority of the insulation is made of hemp. Here we are working together to get a better knowledge of the various challenges of climate change in the participating countries and to define the bases of a large scale campaign on climate change.

From knowledge sharing to building a campaign

Activities have involved presentations of the participating countries, focusing on climate change and followed by questions & answers about the diverse issues the different countries are facing. After this sharing of knowledge, we had a “brainstorming” session in order to define drivers, impacts and solutions to climate change. This brainstorming activity enabled us to cover a very large spectrum thanks to the many backgrounds of the participants. Before diving right into developing a sophisticated campaign, we developed imaginative scenarios to be able to draw catching pictures of possible futures.

To bring the campaign to life, we gathered in dedicated subgroups to work on its design, its content and the punctual events. The objective is to use this work as a basis for campaigning over the following year.

Besides, the group is visiting the Solar Initiative MV which is an energy autonomous project with a multi-climate house, solar mobility etc.

Following the workshop

This first international workshop will be directly followed by the so-called “job shadowing” in Germany and Italy. Participants from Vietnam, India and Mauritius will be working within the German and Italian organisations to pursue their work on the campaign.

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