May 5th, Solar Initiative MV: Can you hear the sun?

Besides the group activities on building the campaign, we visited the Solar Center Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, located in Wietow ( This gave us a broader view of the possibilities on how to use solar energy.

The founder of the NGO ‘Solar Initiative’ welcomed us in their restored house, equipped with solar panels on the roofs, but also on the window shutters.

First we attended a presentation on renewable energies, especially solar photovoltaic and solar thermal and on energy efficiency: insulation, heating systems…

A wall of glass was added to the northern and the eastern part of the house, in order

to keep away the cold wind during the winter. This is a way to save energy.

A multi-climate house has been recently built and is dedicated to the visits. This house illustrates the big potential of solar power.

Made of wood and foil and equipped with a particular type of solar panels, the house is divided in three climate areas: Greece, Africa and Dubai. We experienced the variations in temperatures and we observed the luxurious vegetation growing in the African area.

To show us what is possible to do with solar power, they presented us a solar cooker and a solar organ (which can also be used as a lighter!) : alternative ways to cook and to play music !

The visit was both interesting and entertaining and the multi-climate house pleased the whole group. It brought us new ideas for the project but also to bring to our respective country.

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