ESD Leadership Training- and so it begins

The atmosphere was encouraging as the first session of ESD leadership training commenced  this morning (Mon 19th September) and it seemed that the pilot group had a lot to offer in terms of knowledge, experience and passion for the issues involved.

The day started with an official introduction to the training led by members of the consortium who informed the participants of what they could expect of the training. After the introduction of the course the participants themselves were then  introduced. However the ‚ESD profiles‘ differed from usual introductions as they were directly related to ESD and therefore a very practical way  to begin the training. In the exercise the participants  interviewed each other about their history in education for sustainable development as well as the discussing influences for leading them to the training. Each person was then presented by a partner to the rest of the room before their profile was placed on the wall.

After lunch the group was then given a presentation of the curriculum in the form of a week to week overview of what is to come. When this was complete a new exercise was introduced to get ideas flowing and the participants actively involved in the curriculum process. Four drawing boards were brought forward, each with a different issue for  the participants to write about. the topics were regarding ‚logistics‘, ‚questions and suggestions‘, ‚ideas for additional topics‘ and ‚ideas for own contribution‘. The result of this was 4 full boards of ideas which would help develop the curriculum further and shape it to match the aspirations of the participants. It also shown the passion which was felt by the group for implementing ESD in their home countries.

The photo of the day can be seen below. This will become a regular feature of my blog posts and will hopefully show the diverse range of activities taking place on the training programme.

ESD LT participants listen during an excerise

As I mentioned in my last post, a Facebook group and a twitter account will be created in the near future and I encourage you to sign up. The training will continue as usual in Stratum Lounge, Boxhagener Str. 16, 10245 Berlin at 9am.

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