ESD LT- Innovation projects taking form

After three days of ESD Leadership Training the group has settled in and have now partaken in their first German language lesson. The lesson  has been added to the training because  most of the participants are not familiar with the German Language and it will therefore equip them with basic knowledge and skills for their time spent in Berlin. It also gave the German speaking participants the chance to brush up on there skills which included classroom objects and colors. As it happened the similarities of “die Tasche” and  “die Tasse”  even managed to catch out one of these proficient German speaking participants much to the entertainment of the rest of the group.

The group were then reminded that the first few days of training was a brief overview of the topic of ESD and to allow the participants to get to know one another. The training leaders inquired into the extent to which the team felt they knew each other and the extent to which they had a common understanding into the concept of ESD. And as a review of where they stand  in the third day of training the group seemed confident in the process and felt that as time goes on these aspects will improve. But in general that things were heading in the right direction.

A short exercise was added concerning communication (as it was agreed that this skill played a particularly large part in ESD) and how leaders could communicate the concept of Education for Sustainable Development.  Audiovisual learning techniques were applied here as the group watched a number of intriguing videos on ESD. This led onto a discussion on whether it is best to use shock tactics for communicating than a more humorous and uplifting video about change. As one participant had put it, she felt that a video may communicate ESD messages well if it “packs a punch with a smile”. There was certainly  division in the debate but to sum it up, the point put across was that there are certainly many different dimensions to communicating the message of ESD.

Into the afternoon, the participants’ next task was to work on their innovation projects which is a fundamental process for the leadership training. This involves taking the project proposal (which was constructed before the training) and working to involve it in the greater scheme of ESD. There is a wide variety of project topics which vary from Biodiversity issues and invasive species to waste management and Eco schools. They will then be implemented into the participants organization on arrival back in their home country .

The photo of the day shows the “cultural project” which was introduced by Anne Mette (KMGNE) on Tuesday morning and as it can be seen, ideas are already building up.

The ESD Leadership training group will travel on a field trip on Thursday  and stay overnight  to witness how Sustainable Development has been implemented in the area of Mecklenburg. The group will then return back on Friday evening.

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