ESD LT- Developing Systems models

Today was a day full of participation and teamwork as the ESD group continued their training in systems thinking which is the main topic of the second week of training. As this is a leadership training for ESD it was important first of all this morning for the participants to provide feedback for Supriya who yesterday chaired the discussion with the Council for Sustainable Development.  It was thought that she had set a high standard in terms of leadership skills and her ability to control the questions and answers session and therefore is something which the other members of the group will need to learn from.

The majority of the training today featured on the SINFONIE (Systemic Interpretation For Organizations and Networks In their Environments) work which is a systems planning methods and to do this the tutors used a participatory learning method which would promote good teamwork. What the participants were required to do was develop a system model for 4 of the innovation projects. The way this was done was to divide the work into different sections of SINFONIE and today this featured group work 1,2 and 3. This included finding a ‘search question and system landscape’, ‘defining the factors’ and finishing with the ‘influence matrix’.

The group work for systems thinking will continue tomorrow morning with the next few steps into the SINFONIE programme.

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