ESD LT- Visualising Systems

As a continuance on from Wednesdays session the participants of ESD LT spent today working on the SINFONIE steps for systems planning.  This involved applying systems thinking, via SINFONIE, to 4 chosen innovation projects. They therefore carried on with step three of the programme which was started on Wednesday afternoon. They first had to recap on the group work done the previous day and to study the factors chosen from a distance. The groups were then required to finish off the ‘information matrix’ at step 3. The aim of the exercise was to check the influence of each factor on the each other and to try and find out the factor which has is the most ‘critical’ out of those chosen.  This was done during step 4 which meant firstly creating an ‘effects matrix’ and ‘axis diagram’. The day finished of by 2 of the groups presenting their results from these exercises.

Tomorrow the participants will finish the work done throughout the week on Systems thinking and finish off using the systems planning for the innovation projects.

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