ESD LT- Final day of Systems training

Today the participants attended training to finish off the work already started on systems thinking and therefore the final stages of SINFONIE had to be implemented for the 4 chosen innovation project. Where as yesterday was more about visualizing the results for the analysis of the systems factors, today was more about the development of strategies both within the systems force field and outside and how to make changes to the effects and influences within the system.  Lastly the group did work into developing scenarios from their planning which was an important study into the future of the project. This brought an end to a long weeks work on this topic and one that was well received by the group. In order to get an idea of how the participants felt about the weeks training sessions, I interviewed Jennifer to get her views on the training and the outcome of the week. This can be found below.

Jennifer presents the system for her project

Next weeks training continues with the different dimensions to ESD and will be facilitated by Dr.Joachim Borner and Anne Mette of KMGNE.

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