ESD LT- New Dimensions

A new week brings a new topic to the training room in the form of ESD Dimensions.  This week is being facilitated by Anne Mette and Dr. Joachim Borner of KMGNE and Anne started the day by giving a brief overview of the week. The floor was then free for the participants to present their summary of the previous week.

Participants queue up to add their own thoughts to the wall

The delivery of the summary was given in two parts by Deepika and Edwin. The first of these was a quiz which consisted of a question and answers round on the topic of systems thinking and was done so that the participants could reflect on the work done on this. It was the same for the Pictionary round which added a light hearted element to the summary. Edwin then presented the official summary to the group. After this a summary of the field trip to Mecklenburg in week one was given by Mareike who seemed to remember so much from  the two days and delivered the summary via a mind map. She was able to look into how the field trip was related to ESD and analyzed both the formal and non-formal educational systems.

The ESD dimensions tasks followed and started with a reflection of the feelings inspired by the Mecklenburg trip and how it was related to ESD. Reminders of the places visited on the trip were placed on the wall and each participant was required to write their thoughts out onto a circular piece of paper and place it next to the corresponding place (Solar Centre, vocational school etc).  the next exercise was to discuss the question  in groups “why learn about ESD?”  and the purpose of this was to find groups and clusters of headings in which the participants thoughts and memories could be placed next to on the floor. It was therefore a method of finding a common understanding of the issues around ESD and helped towards the objective of creating a complex mind map (which is to be done by the end of the week). Complex is the correct choice of words in this case as the best quote of the day was,
“I am lost, this is so complex”.
It is obvious that this will change as the map comes together through the week. The groups used in the previous task were then required to come together for the final group task of the day. Its worth noting at this point that the groups were divided into the participants home countries (South Africa, Germany, India and Mexico) as it is important to exchange information relating to ESD in the different countries. They were required then to answer three questions and present these to the rest of the group.

After looking deeply into the education side of ESD it was important that the group were able to get started on the sustainability side of the concept and this was done by watching a video  of a presentation given by Denis Meadows, the author of “limits to growth”  which is a book written in 1972 and still very relevant today.  This presentation slides are available on the GC21 for the participants to download.

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