ESD LT- Half way point of ESD Dimensions

Friday had arrived quicker than usual this week due to German reunification day on  Monday but there was still a lot to reflect upon in relation to what had done this week on the topic of ESD Dimensions. Therefore the group listened to a review of the week and got a chance to study the wall diagram (which seemed to have been simplified since the beginning of the week) before discussing the week in groups. A presentation was then given by one of the facilitators, Anne Mette who discussed the different scientific approaches to Sustainable Development (such as critical load and sydrome approach).

The participants in groups during Fridays training session

The final speaker of the week was Dr Peter Piorr (HNEE) who teaches at the University of Sustainable Development and Applied Sciences. He works on the topics of renewable energies but also has a large background in sustainable agriculture. This was what his presentation was to be about. He was keen to get the participants involved and had them create a list of factors they think of when sustainable agriculture is mentioned. He went on to discuss the history of farming in Germany and based a large portion of the presentation around the chemistry of soil and farming techniques. A discussion was then facilitated (after a much needed break) about sustainable food production interlinked with the issue of climate change.

Just before the session was wrapped up for the day the participants were given time to give a short reflection to the group on how they felt the week had went for them personally and what they were looking forward to next week. It was clear that they were less confused by the ‚complexity‘ of the ESD mapping than Tuesdays session and that they were looking forward to the topic of whole school approaches to ESD.

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