ESD LT- Group work for Sustainable Schools model

On the second day of the second week of ESD dimensions the participants carried on with the topic of the whole school approach. The group was able to break into the day with a video on the topic of the United Nation’s Decade of ESD which prepared them for the long day ahead. Reiner Mathas was again facilitating the training and continued this by answering the questions asked the previous day. This included one question asking whether the sustainable school model would fit within every school to which he felt it could.

The first task of the day for the participants (as stated yesterday) was to break up into groups and create a project based on mobility and transport. Each group was making its project on a certain area which included; megacities, suburb and countryside (with and without access to public transport) and these were then presented to the class. Once this was done Reiner introduced the next task and the next aspect of the model, processes and features. One group took Goals and strategies of quality development, one took leadership and management, one took professional development of staff and the last getting Culture/living at a school. These four processes were then analyzed and again presented to the group. After lunch the rest of the days work was to study the final aspect of the sustainable school model which is ‚other aspects‘. He then set the group one final task based on the model at home which was to write down their vision as to what makes a sustainable school (or other formal learning institution).

Group work based on the Sustainable School Model

Today’s session of ESD training was a special occasion as it marked the first Birthday within the group. Supriya was presented by her friends with a home-made cake, flowers and pair of earrings before the group. Hopefully the group will not be partying too hard and can contribute the same amount as today in the next session.

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