ESD LT- Conflicts of Interest

Today seen the participants continuing with the topic of negotiation and now starting to take it a little bit further by working on multilateral negotiations. This involved the analysis of different stakeholders groups and this was done by creating a scenario and conducting a role play of a negotiation situation. Each participant was required to pick sweets and candy at random from a bag (their sweet destiny) and this would show which of the stakeholder groups they would belong to.

Negotiations in Progress

The groups were then presented with the scenario of a fictional community in Africa where two groups had conflicting interests over the use of communal land in the area. One group wanted to continue the historic agricultural use of the land by producing bio-fuels from a plant known as Jatrophia and the other group wanted the land to become a nature reserve which would help to conserve the biodiversity of the nearby National park and to attract tourists to the area. Both groups had interests in creating jobs and increasing the economic situation of the community. The two sets of Participants playing these parts studied the situation in order to realize their interests over the land and that of the opposing sides in preparation for the resulting negotiations. This meeting then took part and where both these groups along with representatives from the Ministry of the Environmental and Tourism and Ministry for Agriculture. The discussed the interest they both had and debated why both sides felt they should have their objectives seen.

The group were exhausted after lunch and the first round of negotiations. So the trainers used a stimulating game to get the blood flowing round the participants. This was a game of one against all which encouraged teamwork amongst the group and was enjoyed by all.

The group then received an input from Birgit on the topic of finding additional options for mutual gain and used various examples to explain this issue. Along with Fabian she presented to the group the issue of knowing if the negotiated terms are the correct ones . They then finishing on the topic of the ‘Next Best Alternative’ which is a way of finding out where your limit is in negotiating.

The group with start tomorrow off with the second round of multilateral negotiations which the participants spent the remainder of their day in preparation for. They will then take part in the third and final round of negotiations before the week is closed and feedback is given.

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