ESD LT- Introducing School Management

A new topic was introduced to the participants for week 6 of the Leadership Training and the group were introduced to another new facilitator, Michael Ziegler. The group also welcomed back Andreas Behnsen who introduced the topic of School Management. But before this he took the group through the various institutes being visited by the participants this week. They will be divided in groups of three on Wednesday and Thursday and visit Schools around Berlin.

Participants during an after lunch game

The review of last weeks training on co-operation and stakeholder management was given this week by Shalini, Parks and Nakampe, who first gave the group a slideshow of photos from last week to refresh their mind on what took place. They then played a game whereby three groups competed against one another to guess what was happening in various photographs. Nakampe then read out the official summary of the week.

The participants were divided into groups by Michael who then asked the participants to discuss ways to ensure the complete failure of the ESD LT programme. Once the groups had discussed this they wrote ideas down on cards and these were in turn handed in to Michael. It was then down to everyone to cluster the aspects (all of which need to be taken into account) on a pin board trying to form groups of these. It  needs to be said that it was during this task where we learnt of the groups fondness of Fabian Busch (a lack of Fabian was seen as an aspect which could lead to the failure of the programme).  After these aspects were grouped together the group needed to come up with titles for each group  which included content, methodology, intercultural exchange etc. Each person was then asked to think back over the previous six weeks and to then mention aspects which formed positive or negative experiences. This was done in order to get the participants thoughts and opinions on how the training is being handled. It was then stated that this exercise was not about School management but rather about quality management from the clients point of view.

A presentation was then given by Michael about different aspects which define quality management. During this the group were asked to define the words ‘sustainability’, ‘Quality’ and ‘management’. By defining sustainability in terms of the Bruntdland report’s definition but including social justice, the group were said to be ahead of most  politicians who only use the former. These definitions were discussed in order to give the group a common understanding before the rest of the presentation and information on quality management systems was given.

Next, Andreas talked about the factors which create a quality management system in German Schools and created a diagram using a pin board. The same was then done by Thami (a School Principal) who did so from a south African perspective. Supriya then gave the group a thoughtful presentation on the importance of principals for the implementation of ESD in schools.  All the work that was done that day was then discussed in groups until the close of the lessons.

Tomorrow the group will start training slightly later than usual at 11am. They will partake in a field trip until late tomorrow evening  for the 8th Brandenburg´s Education and Information Days in Potsdam.

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