ESD LT- Event Opening in Potsdam

Tuesdays session of ESD Leadership training began later than usual at 11am to accommodate for the field trip that day to Potsdam in Brandenburg. The Visit of the 8th  “Brandenburg´s Education and Information Days” was to run on until 8pm and the participants left for this around 3pm.

Lethabo with Azaluu from Zanszibar

Before they left, the group continued on with their preparation for the Wednesday and Thursdays field trips as the facilitators gave a presentation on how to audit during their visit of the education institutions . This required the participants to pre-think a short questionnaire in their small groups based on the quality criteria of the schools they will visit. Andreas then gave a short presentation on the field trip to Potsdam.

Once the group arrived in Potsdam they sat in on the opening of the two week long event which included a speech from the minister of Education, youth and Sport for the region of Brandenburg and a short play by children from a nearby school. They were then introduced to the children from involved in the scheme who came from schools in three cities; El Auto, Puerto Princesa and Zanzibar. The involvement of these three cities is important to the theme of the event which this year is ‘cities’. The participants were then involved in a seminar and split up into three groups for this (one for each city). In these seminars, school children gave presentations on where they are from and of their lives in their city. Following on from a buffet meal the participants finished the trip with a discussion involving those working with Bribet (the organization and steering group for the event) and had to chance to have their questions answered on the programme and it’s relevance to ESD.

The participants will split up into groups on Wednesday and Thursday to witness how ESD can be implemented within different learning institutions. They will then join together on Friday to discuss what they have experienced.

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