ESD LT- Educational Centre visits

Over the Wednesday and Thursday of week six the participants were split up into small groups of 2 or 3 and sent to various education institutes throughout Berlin. Some participants visited the same institute on both days and some visited two separate places. These included  Primary Schools, Vocational Schools, Gymnasiums and other learning places.

Deepika, Edwin and myself visited Botanikschule, an extra-curricula learning centre which provides schools with the opportunity to allow children to learn in an environment outside of the normal daily school routine and in an environment close to nature. On the Wednesday we visited the school whilst grade 5 children from a gymnasium were learning about renewable energy and technologies and the teachers were using a variety of participative teaching methods.  On Thursday the school was providing the same educational services for visually impaired students .

The purpose behind these visits was to give the participants practical experience of the issues being discussed and analyzed in the training this week and throughout the course.
On Friday and back in the familiar settings of Stratum Lounge, the group reviewed the field trips to the learning institutions by acting out what they had witnessed during these visits and doing so without using words. Later this was studied more in depth as they took part in a world café. Here the participants discussed in groups three questions about the trips in relation to school management. After the groups had switched around for each question the host of each table presented the results of the discussions to the rest of the group.

Participants during the World Cafe

The group then said goodbye to Michael Ziegler who, although only with the group for a short time has made a large impact within the training and to Andreas who again has inspired the participants with his teaching methods.

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