ESD LT- Participants Learn how to Blog

Today the participants dealt with the issue of competencies and conditions for ESD. They then got experience writing blog entries which will be available to read on this Blog and therefore could possibly show up my writing skills.

Participants working on there ESD blogs

After the German lessons the participants looked back over what Hannes had been discussing in his presentations over the passed couple of days. This involved Anne introducing the issue of whether the group are getting a European perspective on ESD rather than universal conditions. This created a discussion amongst the group. They went on to talk about the different conditions needed within ESD which had been brought to the groups attention the previous day. This included equal rights of genders and the issue of basic needs. This discussion was based around the need to change perspectives and the reason for why this debate was taking place was so that the group could be made aware of these ESD conditions for their home countries and therefore to make sure they do not go home with just this European viewpoint.

After this the group were set a task which would encourage them to actively engage with the topic of informal education (which first needed to be differentiated from Formal learning and Non-formal Learning). The group will work on this task in tomorrows session and includes the groups thinking of an informal learning place and discussing educational objectives.

After the lunch break Dr Jutta Franzen from KMGNE met with the group to introduce different online learning materials. Jutta is the kollegs expert in such materials and she therefore discussed how useful these are for ESD. She talked about the various social networks and online platforms which are available such as Twitter, Facebook and Delicious (a bookmark sharing platform) which can be utilized by the public free of charge. The group as stated above got involved in creating blog entries based on five questions about ESD and these will be posted on the internationale sommeruni Blogspace of kmgne and put on the GC21 global learning space.

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