Transformation Education

The world is changing, why not the way to educate?

We all know that our current way of living has an end point, not very far into the future, we also heard. Especially in the developed world, the lifestyles of most inhabitants are no longer sustainable. Our comfort comes at the expense of others, future generations as well as people in other parts of the world. Lots of people are not aware of this. Or they have heard about some impact of their behaviour, but where to start?

The traditional education system has been exceeded by the accelerated actual lifestyle and now, we need to teach being an example of co-existence. Teaching people the importance of living in a way that we lessen our lifestyle impact on this earth, as well as starting to repair the damage already done, must become the most important topic of our existence up to now. Education is a very important medium, with this, one can reach everyone, from pre-school right through to adults.

Students want to understand why it is important to know the topics seen in class, so this should be the motivation for them. The school life could be the way to make a significant learning tool in order to improve the awareness about environment careness.

ESD wants to introduce people to a sustainable lifestyle and also assist in the design of innovative and sustainable policy solutions based on worldwide and interdisciplinary knowledge.

The constant is the permanent change… ESD promotes a constant evolution in the new revolution to sustainability.


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