ESD LT- Networking and Making Music

The final day of week 7 was a shorter day than usual for the participants, many of whom had planned a trip to Prague for the weekend. Despite the shortness of the session, the time was used efficiently and effectively in order for the groups to finish of the weeks lessons.

The facilitators used the first part of the Friday to set up networks between the participants in order to provide them with assistance post training. Here the group were given an individual task where they would write down what they are looking for (in reference to partnerships and collaboration) and what they have to offer to the other participants work (in their profession, knowledge etc.) Through this exercise  they are trying to develop potential collaborations through shared visions and differing competencies. Small cards were then given to the group so that they could attach them to the corresponding posters to show their interest in working with the others. These posters were placed upon the wall in a gallery type format and together shown the variety of professions and competencies within the group. After this was complete the group then discussed together their feelings  of the tasks outcomes and how they felt about the potential partnerships and networks. Overall the group felt that these networks would serve to open many doors for them in their home country. These posters can be viewed on the global campus.

The next task for the participants was to split up into 2 groups with the objective of writing a song on the topic of ESD. This was an enjoyable task for the participants and given the musical talent amongst the group there was no problem in getting them motivated for this. One group would therefore work on the music and creating a melody for the song whilst the other groups worked on forming lyrics and encouraged both groups to work together.  This tune will get produced by professions for the group and the song (which is sure to become a hit) will be completed within the new year. The process of finding a melody for the song can be viewed in the above video.

Finally, before the group had to rush of to catch their train, Dr Joachim Borner of KMGNE delivered a short presentation on the introduction to ProfilPASS.

Edwin adding to the networking task

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