ESD LT- Training of Multipliers

The weeks training on training of multipliers for ESD is being led by Anne Mette and Joachim Borner. The review of last week was given by Deepika, Edwin and Dan where they asked the question “what did you learn?” On a pin board they placed the four main topics from last week, leadership, management, motivation and delegation. The group were required to take two cards and write what had been learned on these topics during the week. And as it had been said last week, there is no blueprint for leadership and management so nothing on the pin board was correct or incorrect. Edwin then took the group through what had been placed on the board and Dan gave a short summary of the week.

Nak's working hard on the expert's TOT (in the kitchen)

After the review the participants were introduced to Konrad Kutt who gave a presentation on a multiplier project he is involved in. He believes that it is possible to implement sustainable development into every profession and in all kinds of business, although it is not an easy task. He discussed the past projects of his organization including the handing out of ‘green cards’ to acknowledge those who have engaged in sustainable behavior.  The project he discussed to the group he says has been an extremely successful one. This is the BücherboXX project (book box) which has the aim of creating street libraries by recycling old phone boxes. The project also gets various professions working together and has official recognition by the UN Decade of Education of sustainable Development. He then finished off this presentation with a short video presentation about the project (however this was only available in German).

The group finished the day by spending a large amount of time working on a text-based exercise looking at the training of trainers draft which the expert network had developed the previous week. Anne introduced the task by asking firstly who the multipliers are and  by explaining how they will complete this task. This involved splitting the team up into three groups and  delegating the various chapters to each group member within the groups in order to cover the work sufficiently. Here they would critique the work of the expert group individually in chapters before coming together as a group (still in three groups) to bring all the issues together.  The purpose of the exercise was to help the participants develop their leadership roles and expertise that has been developed from the training programme. They were told to think of this draft as a suitcase for them as ESD leaders and to look at it from a critical point of view.

The participants will meet together on Tuesday morning to discuss what the groups have  found which could be altered within the TOT curriculum.

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