ESD LT- Life as a multiplier & Networking II

The participants started Tuesday of week 9 with a continuation of the exercise which finished yesterdays session. Yesterday they were working in groups on critically analyzing the TOT developed by the network group of experts at GIZ. This morning all the groups came together in order to discuss any changes or alterations which they felt could be made to the document. These alterations were noted by Anne on her laptop and using a projector so the group could see this. The task was done section by section and by adding ‘helicopter’ points to the given issues.

Participants sharing their 2017 projects

As you may remember, during week 7 the participants took part in a networking task in order to look towards the future connections within the group. As a continuation for this the group were required to do another networking task this week. The group had to deal with three questions regarding communication with each other after the training in ESD and how they will stay together. They were required to do a brainstorming exercise which will be picked up on net week as well as after their internships. After the first two questions the participants had to deal once more with the issue of the future. They had to imagine a future project in which they would be collaborating with the other members of ESD leadership training and look ahead to the year 2017. This was an individual task where they created posters which were then displayed on the wall of their (for now) visions for the future. They then looked at the different posters and added their interest onto the posters (similar to the task in week 7).

Final task of the day will be one split between the final part of today’s lessons and the starting point of tomorrows. This task was on the topic of the  life long learning of a multiplier where the participants had to write a narrative from the perspective of a grandparent about their life. Today the group were to individually  (or in groups of 2) choose a person (as multiplier) and the country they come from and then decide on framework conditions, such as political, social and drivers. This would  be done on paper, PowerPoint etc and  the participants were free to choose any person or situation they wanted and to let their imagination flow. They did as much of this task as possible today and in the morning the group will pick up on where they left of.

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