ESD LT- Participants assess their Ecological Footprints

Today started with Anne comparing the ecological problem of overshoot with the general feeling of exhaustion from within the ESD group. Therefore as the participants worked on their ‘life long learning’ exercise from yesterdays lesson they were told of how they were not required to complete the narration part of the task. They worked on the multipliers task on flip charts with the relaxed atmosphere the group were left alone to work on their ESD map. Along side this, Mareike and Jennifer had been given the creative responsibility to work on interviews for the ESD video. They had been given a number of cards with ESD related words and were asked to come up with ideas for the video based around this. It will be interesting to see what the girls come up with especially with Jennifer’s sneak attacks with the voice recorder on other participants.

Later in the day the group were visited by Bianca Schemel (UFU) who came in to discuss the topic of ecological footprints. She firstly gave the participants an exercise involving an online tool for calculating personal ecological footprints. The group accessed where they followed instructions and completed a short quiz which then assessed their footprint in accordance with their country. After putting themselves in a scale with the rest of the group  they were told to make one change to their answers to the quiz to view the changes this could make to their footprint. This was then discussed further before Bianca gave a lecture on the theoretical side of the issue by describing the various types of ecological footprint and types of land use connected with this. The session was finished off by Bianca with a game. In this game the participants had to arrange themselves into countries in relation to populations. They then had to match up the ecological footprint of the countries which provided some surprises. The participants felt they got a lot out of this game which allowed them to understand the methods behind assessing footprints.

Thami representing Germany during the game

Thursdays training will feature a video camera as the participants further their preparation from week 7 and on Friday the group will meet up at 8:50 at Hermannstraße for their field trip.

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