ESD LT- Field trip to LISUM

The final day of the penultimate week of training before the participants leave for their internships featured a field trip for the group to the Berlin-Brandenburg State Institute for School and Media (LISUM). Here they were given a lecture by Dr. Peter Schulze on the integration of ESD in curricula, teacher training and support structures. He gave the participants information on the back ground to the institute (which is the only institute for two different states)before discussing the issue of ESD in Germany. After his presentation time was allowed for questions to be asked to Dr Schulze.

Before the group left they were treated to a presentation on the topic of ESD and the Voluntary sector in Germany from Britta and Jennifer. This was a presentation which they had been eagar to give to their colleagues for a while. This then wrapped up the week’s lessons in Training of Multipliers.

The group now have one week’s training left remaining before they travel to each others home countries for their ESD internships. The group had to say farewell this week to Nadine who cannot make the final week.

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