ESD LT- Networking in preperation for Internships

Today’s (Tuesday 22nd) training session started off with a Christmas themed Germany Lesson. After this the facilitators started with the networking tasks for the day. This involved the participants thinking about their internships which the trainers described as a test phase for their projects. An excel table was presented to the group also with every participants name, innovation project title and the name of the trainer who will be their mentor. It was stressed that the role of the trainers as mentors would be like project managers and that the process of mentoring is more a dual process with the expert mentors looking more into content.  The participants would then spend time thinking about how they will keep in touch with the mentors during their internships such as social media and online learning platforms. They were also expected to discuss together their expectations of the mentors as well as the trainers expectations on the trainees.  The facilitators then discussed these aspects with the participants before coming together and addressing the entire group.

Tomorrows  session will be the final session before the internships taking place in Stratum Lounge. This is due to the field trip on Thursday as well as the fact that Friday has been given for the participants to pack and prepare for their Journeys,

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