ESD LT- Role Playing

The final training in Stratum Lounge (before the internships)  took place today with the facilitation of Fabien Zimmerman and Andreas Behnsen who opened the training after the participants finished the final German lesson. The training was to be preparation for their internships where tasks were set for the group which would help them be more understanding and sensitive to the cultures and the working environment of the countries they will be visiting. Jennifer helped the trainers throughout the day with instructions for the group on how to complete the tasks as well as taking part herself. So the participants were split into their own country groups and asked to get into the working spirit of their countries. They needed to prepare role plays of the typical working environment where one person acts as the intern coming to the organization. They then performed these role plays and discussed the different objectives as well as cultural differences.

Participants during a role play

Before the session was closed, Michaela from the GIZ discussed the dual process of the mentoring and any key concerns the participants may have had. The group will meet tomorrow morning at 9:45am at the Red City Hall at Alexanderplatz.

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