The commons collages | Florian Kuhlmann

We have already talked about the power of  creative commons license. Now have a look at this artwork, published under CC – and go on sharing and use it, according to the CC:

This series of collages is part of a work i started in 2005. Since the moment when i finished the first image i continously experimented with the  presentation of the images itself and with the endless ways of modifying them. The Collages are published under the creative commons license, these licenses are a good possibility to publish a work and make it avalaiable to the audience without limiting oneselfs way of experimenting with them.
Please feel free to use this work in an adequate way. But please keep in mind, there are still some restriction on the use of this work, so you may use these images, print them, put them on your wall or wherever you want. But its not allowed the sell them or use them for commercial purpose without contacting me.
Florian Kuhlmann August 17th, 2010You can visit the show in Berlin:


17. – 22.12.2011
Ackerstraße 18, Berlin Mitte

Please bring your USB device to take collages along!






Download this piece under cc-license ‘by-nc-sa 3.0′
Download this piece under cc-license ‘by-nc-sa 3.0′

The commons collages.


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