A deadly virus attacks San Bernardo in the year 2030

A deadly virus, generated by contamination, is brought to San Bernardo by a group of travelers who seem to be survivors from the North of Chile and who arrive at an eco-lodge that seems to have been constructed on top of some deserted condominiums in San Bernardo.

The ecolodge has been reconditioned and now accommodates a little group of people who learned to survive in a sustainable way. Two of the group members are Raoul and
Malva, a young couple.

Without knowing it, Malva and Raoul welcome the group with open arms, because amongst the newly arrived, there is an expert in water treatment and a marine biologist specialized in sustainable fishery.

Besides that, they brought oleifera and moringa seeds, the tree of life that purifies
water. This seems like a miracle to them and they think that the newly arrived will bring more life into the eco-lodge.

Desertification happened between 2020 and 2030 and has profoundly marked the territory and the people but today, the children from both groups, those who arrive and those who live in San Bernardo  show as normal for their age: happy and free of concerns.

Those who just arrived are interested in staying. They are tired of pilgrimage and their kids need a place to grow up. Many times, Raoul and Malva have thought about such situation and thought about many ways how to avoid it; but the visitors are armed.

In the beginning the situation is not clear and they don’t know what to do but then they interprete it in a wrong way, not knowing that what they just did was to sign their own
death penalty.

This text has been written as a possible scenario on how reality in San Bernardo could look like in 2030. It shows a derivative on how the environmental issue develops these days in Chilé.

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