Geert Lovink | What’s the Social in Social Media?

Geert Lovink NL – What’s the Social in Social Media?
Conference Day 1: March 9 2012 Amsterdam, 10.00 – 12.00

  • Lovink stellt das positiv besetzte „social“ dem „commercial“ gegenüber, dem Kommerziellen, das sich das „social“ aneignet und ausbeutet.

„The term ‘social’ in ‘social media’ is embedded in positive connotations regarding community spirit and participation and is moreover rhetorically used as a given. Within the popular discourse social media are often portrayed as important tools for generating and preserving social interaction within the community, which would supposedly lead to a more engaged and involved society.

But to what extent are these media actually social as opposed to commercial when we consider how ‘the social’ is being recreated and exploited for commercial success. By working around the utopian discourse we will further explore this phenomena within this session in order to define the ‘social’ in social media.“

via Geert Lovink NL – What’s the Social in Social Media? on Vimeo.

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