World ESD Cafe

Day One

Group meets in White room

The participants post and discuss their thoughts

Monday morning brings the group together to learn again, having all moved into shared accommodation the previous day. Stratum Lounge, Berlin, will be the base for learning for the next ten weeks, with a beautiful large white room, fresh flowers and an endlessly full kitchen to keep the group inspired.

The morning was filled with questions about living in Berlin, about the course itself and about how to get the internet from a USB stick! With most of these answered, the group moved on to how they can contribute some of their own knowledge within the prepared 10 week schedule. Participants offered presentations, subject papers, poems, music and photographs to fit in with the prepared topics to ultimately provide a more varied and personal education.






Group discussion at table
World ESD Cafe

After lunch, the ‚World ESD Cafe‘ had opened in Stratum Lounge…
Visitors to the cafe were invited to discuss a topic at each table, with mingling and swapping of group members providing well rounded discussions on;

  • What does ESD mean to you?
  • What leadership skills are necessary for ESD?
  • What role does gender play in ESD?

The day was rounded off by the first of many language lessons in Berlin, and some intense discussion on what method and route of transport would be best to get everyone home.

All in all, a day to ease everyone back into a timetable of daily learning and work…

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