ESD needs Energy!

The second day of Change Management picked up where yesterday had left off, dealing with the groups queries and reservations regarding yesterday’s lessons. Mainly these were concerns about the time they would have in their everyday jobs to complete such exercises on every project, as well as the thought that maybe most participants do this kind of thinking e.g. scanning & awareness, everyday, so why make it an official activity?

However, both Birgit & Fabian were able to put their minds at rest, and the day began with a game to boost energy levels, and to highlight the planning involved in trying to communicate an idea successfully. Two teams had to pass a 4-digit number from the end of their row to the front, with no noise and with their backs to each other. Both teams came up with similar plans, but varied approaches to dealing with mistakes or misunderstandings. In the end, neither team could relay the number successfully, although one did get very close! The group really responded to this kind of stimulation, having a lot to say about the process afterwards.

A short interlude resulted in the group sharing their cultural courtesies in greeting one another. Everyone found this unexpected section interesting, as well as relevant as the members will shortly be travelling to each others countries, making this kind of knowledge invaluable.
After a break, ‚The Energy Formula‚ was introduced to the group. Following this, 4 groups worked on 4 of the participants Innovation Projects, looking at whether they were viable under this equation.

After lunch, an exercise to once again inject energy into the room! One half of the group was to stay sitting in one room, while the other half was to persuade them to leave. Afterwards, the emotions involved in this were discussed, helping us to gain perspective on both sides of persuasion and resisting it.
This led to coming up with solid suggestions on the different forms of resistance exhibited, and then the ways to deal with resistance. These ideas could be used by participants in the workplace, when they are trying to negotiate and implement change!

Four different ways to describe Resistance were then introduced to the participants, reflecting common situations seen in workplaces everyday.

Finally for the day, the participants returned to their four groups working on Innovation Projects. They continued to think about how the Energy Formula applied to them, as well as Where resistance may come from? Who it comes from? and When it might appear..? After sharing these ideas, the day was once again closed. Tomorrow will see us conclude the 6 steps in ‚The Cycle of Learning and Change.‘


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