Tackling Global Challenges

week plan

The plan for the week ahead

Monday morning saw the group return to the Stratum Lounge, and reflect on the busy week just passed.
Once a summary had been presented of the previous week, the next week got underway…

A structured plan had been created, involving invited speakers and participants sharing their own stories and knowledge. The morning was also a welcome occasion for the group to share any concerns they had about the internships they will take up in the New Year – Visa’s etc.

The group was then invited to think about the one memory they would take away from the field trip to the North of Germany. This led to thinking about what they really took away from the trip, posting on three boards encompassing ‚Challenges they encountered,‘ ‚Visits‘ & ‚Wals, Reusswig, Change Management.‘

As well as mapping out thoughts, the group had a short introduction to Scientific Approaches of Sustainable Development. These included, for example, Critical Loads & Symptoms of Syndromes, ways to  evaluate how serious environmental issues are and how they should be dealt with.

This way of thinking helped to organise the previously documented thoughts of the group. They began to group the posted ideas into sections/themes, environmental issues e.g. Conflicts, Migration & Agro-Fuels, which will be looked at in further detail tomorrow.

presentation on India

Sarah shares the photos taken by the children in India

The lunchtime session was taken by Sarah, a filmmaker from Berlin who had travelled to India for five months to develop a community art project. Working with 15 school children, she helped them to explore their lives, making art together about the situation they were living in, not specifically the problems surrounding them (Many were from families affected by poverty, suicide, and diminished living conditions.)

They were given cameras, a new object to most of them, and were asked to take photos of their lives, their families, their rituals and the country. Also, they were encouraged to write stories, that would remain unchecked and un judged, which served as an incentive for them to write as much and as often as they could. German class followed, to close the first day of the third week..

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