Writing stories & the ‚Day of the Dead‘

This morning continued with the Scenario Work 2052, discussed and tried to rank the issues associated with sustainable development and continued work on the Cultural project & National Workshops.


A group present their preliminary ideas for their story

After initially deciding on an actor for their story, the 4 groups developed these ideas, working on describing the characteristics of their actors, the location for the story and the time when the change took place. The drivers behind the change were clarified, and the possible consequences of these were fleshed out.
The aim of this exercise, tying in with the groups future as Educators in Sustainable Development, was to describe the possibilities, to get a sense for what could happen. They to be able to adapt, because scenarios can never really be predicted with certainty.  This helped to develop skills of deliberation, participation, acceptance & empathy. Trying to apply the knowledge learned to action in the real world!

Ranking sustainable development factors

After lunch, four groups deliberated over the importance of factors of sustainable development e.g. local vs. global, social issues, food security, trying to rank them in an appropriate order. Most decided that so many things are of such importance, it is better to create another shape rather than a simple line of 1-5 e.g. a star shape where all factors are connected.
The group then tried to summarise their thoughts on Sustainable Development by creating simple definitions of the concept, but this was harder than many had anticipated. Creative & thoughtful answers were produced, but considered works in progress until the course is at an end.

Alfonso shares his cultural experiences

Mexican participants shared with us the importance of this day in their home country. The ‚Day of the Dead‘, shown through music and presentations, was explained to be an important day for Mexicans to remember their dead with food, remembrance and families coming together. To complete the day, country groups got together to plan more of their National Workshops, which are to take place in March.

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