The Finale..

The SINFONIE (tool) comes to an end today, with steps 10-12.

Step 10: Scenarios
Given the example of Berlin, the group were shown how they could turn the factors of their projects into paragraphs of prose, explaining the situation and turning it into a scenario.

Step 11: Strategies by Changing Factors
The groups were pushed to think how they would like to change the factors involved in their four chosen Innovation Projects. For example, did they want to

Step 12: Strategies by Changing Relations
This final step was to look at how the group might want to influence the relationships between the factors e.g. to reduce the influence of a factor by long-term planning and diversified support from the government.

After spending the morning working on these final, intricate details of their projects, each group shared their findings with the rest of the participants.

The chair game from Wednesday also made a return, to help return energy to the room. However this time, after much planning had gone into strategies and game plans, the connections between the game and Systems Thinking were revealed…

Chairs = the systems limits
The Group = the actors within the system
The Relations = how the actors communicated their intentions, which changed as the game went on.

After the conclusion of SINFONIE, two questions were presented for the participants to consider in pairs;

Which factors influence the application of systems planning?

What are the relations between systems thinking and ESD?

Their final thoughts on the whole week were shared, displaying just how hard everyone had worked and how much they had all learnt.

The day finished with a preliminary introduction to the field trip, which will take place tomorrow, accompanied by Birgit Lane & Michael Zieyler.

A group presents the work done on Johanna’s Innovation Project

Michael helps a group to work with their factors

Another of the groups tries to work through their project

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