Cultural Projects & Hot Chocolate

Friday was a welcome break for the participants to work on their individual and cultural projects, which are to be completed in order to successfully finish the training.


Innovation Projects are devised by each individual, detailing a project that they will formulate in Berlin and implement on their return to their home countries. The work will be monitored and evaluated by the mentors here in Berlin, and then by the country specific experts once the participants have moved to do their internships abroad.


The Cultural Project will be a video project completed by all the participants, to summarise their time here and to convey their messages about Education for Sustainable Development. Each country has nominated two people to be responsible for communications on the project, but all will be able to contribute to the final piece. The tone, music & theme are all things to be decided before work with a director can begin.


Class was closed at 1.30pm, before the group went to the first of two language classes this weekend. Saturday morning saw them head out on a practical Berlin quiz, the directions and questions for which were entirely in German. This was followed by a rest in Fassbender & Rausch, the most well known chocolate shop in Berlin, where the group were able to put their German ordering skills to the test.

The chocolate cake!

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