20 December, 2042

When I look at the sea, I cannot say which shore am I on. I could be in New York. in Madgascar or in Chennai. It is all the same to you as to me. It was the same to Rashid and Julia just that they did not know it yet. One in New York and the other in the Sunderbans in Bangladesh. One- a network engineer. the other a fisherman.They did not know the shores they loved so much was going to change their lives forever. Not always for the better but not always for the worse either. Water flows and has a habit of seeping into everything- changing it for better or for worse. It did the same for them and for me.

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About choey02

I have just graduated from Queen's University, Belfast with a BSc Land Use & Environmental Management. I am in Berlin for four months to build on that learning with some practical internship experience...

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