Creative ESD: How to reach everyone

IMG_2756Friday is a shorter day because of the German class, and so the participants were able to spend the whole day on their Cultural Project, which will take the form of a video, made as a group, highlighting ESD.
Today the director was present, helping to give direction to the group’s ideas.
Three groups took one topic each, covering Education, Sustainability and Development, and brainstormed on what message they want to send with this project.


During presentations of these ideas, all got involved in debating exactly how to portray ESD e.g. Should IMG_2757Development be big part of ESD? Should the audience be left with open questions, or should the video only provide answers and ideas? Watching clips of videos they enjoyed was one  way the group was able to find inspiration. They were also encouraged to draw their ideas, so that the three groups could physically bring together everything they had come  up with.


IMG_2759Black and white images, bodypaint, stop motion animation, using the letters of words e.g. Education, to show what it is made up of or travel amongst the cities represented here, the groups came up with many concepts that they would like to see represented in the Cultural Project. With the help of the director, the participants, the tutors and editors, the final edit will be completed next year.

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