Prepping to move abroad!

Leadership Journey

Sonja & Renate are back with their Leadership Journey.
Today, attention turns to the internships, which are fast approaching.


Nati explains what he’s doing in Renate’s company

First Step – First Impressions

How will the company get to know you and what you are working on for them in this foreign country?
Prepare a short introduction, to be used when first meeting other employees in e.g. the Elevator, hence the naming of this exercise ‘The Elevator Speech.’


And the group marks his performance

Where are you from? What can you do for them? What do you hope to get from your time there?

While working through these in front of the group, the other participants made notes – their feedback on how each person had performed.  These were then exchanged at the end of the exercise, to encourage and inform.




South Africa notes down tips for living in their country

How can we make everyone’s transition to their new homes run more smoothly?
We have experts on each country in the room! So the group worked to inform those moving to e.g. Mexico, with the help of those who have come from Mexico. Little things about culture, people, accommodation etc. can be useful to know before everyone leaves, as well as more important Do’s & Don’ts of living in each country.
The Leadership Journey will continue tomorrow…



Wendy explains what to expect in Mexico

Wendy explains what to expect in Mexico

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