Filming gets underway for the Cultural Project

Today marks the start of the last week before the internships start, and was dedicated to the Cultural Project.


Saransh tries to organise the groups ideas

Saransh tries to organise the group’s ideas

It saw the start of filming for the group, with each participant being interviewed for the final piece. Questions included ‘What is ESD for you?’ ‘What has been your most memorable experience since moving here?’ & ‘What is your vision for ESD for the globe?’
The ESD experts have already been interviewed, and their input will be edited in next year.

While the interviews took place, the remaining participants worked on the script for the acted part of the film. Three draft scripts had been prepared before today, each covering either Education, Sustainability or Development, and today was a chance to culminate these into one, streamlined script and story. The colours, actors and themes were detailed, as well as the more logistical issue of how long filming will take, what the budget will cover and what locations are needed to make the story believable. The majority of the filming will take place next March.

Following this, everyone moved to Friedrichstraße for the last German class!

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