Education Policy

It’s Tuesday, and today the course will cover an overview of Education Policy.


First up, Anne outlined the structure of ESD institutions in Germany – Who does what? How do they affect each other?

From this, the participants were encouraged to apply the structures from their own countries to their Innovation Projects. Who will the major actors be? How will the environment they create affect your success? And what benefit will your work be to these institutions?


Should Colonisation be white-washed over?

Next, Chandra-Milena Danielzik arrived to speak on the issue of ‘Postcolonial Perspectives on Global Learning,’ a subject which she is currently involved in through her PHD. This presentation took on the form of a discussion in the end, inevitable with so many nationalities and cultures in the room. The question of ‘What is the Norm? And What is the Other?’ provoked interesting debates, some of which carried on well into lunch.

After continued work on the Innovation Projects and shared thoughts on everyone’s progress, the second speaker of the day arrived.


Experience from an NGO perspective

Experience from an NGO perspective

The group first met Uwe Prüfer during their first week together, at the ESD conference held in coordination with experts. As one of these experts, Uwe is well versed to discuss with the group his chosen topic – ‘Experiences from the International Network & from NGO’s perspectives.
Working for an NGO, one of his questions for discussion was the topic of ‘What measures do we have (or can we develop) to bring in those who are not yet here?’ Again, these issues become much more interesting because of the varied audience receiving the presentation, all of whom are working with varied education policies and situations.

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