Goodbye Stratum

Today is the last day inside Stratum, our home for the last ten weeks!


The morning allowed the group to finish their Scenario Projects, ideas they have been working on since September. Looking back from 2052, each story concentrated on tipping points, dictatorships, changes in rules & overshoots, showing how change agents deal with changes in their environments.

In the afternoon, Fabian arrived to discuss the Internships, which the group will be leaving for at the start of January. As well as technical details, the participants were encouraged to look at what support they think they will need during their time abroad, what they hope to learn as a result of the internships and how they will communicate with one another while positioned around the world.



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I have just graduated from Queen's University, Belfast with a BSc Land Use & Environmental Management. I am in Berlin for four months to build on that learning with some practical internship experience...

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