Let the games begin


Joachim Borner (opening)

10.01.2013, Santiago
The auditorium is filling up with Chilean „calmness“. It is already ten past ten (awefully late for a German), but time has another meaning in Chile. Everybody takes his time to share pecks, hugs or smiles. Eventually everybody finds a seat and the Summer University can start.

Dr. Joachim Borner, Scientific Director of the Kolleg fuer Management und Gestaltung nachhaltiger Entwicklung,  has the honor to open the 9th version of the International Summer University. „Again an old man who opens an event“ he says, but Señor Borner radiates energy, vigor, motivation and a certain freshness, I haven´t seen during my university experience. He is introducing a topic so old, yet important now and for the future, in such an easy, cool and a little comedically way, that everybody in the room seems to hang on his lips.

Programa_fase presencial 2013

„We sit all in a rocket, and there is no manual.“

The economic crisis, climate change, demographical developement, the gap between rich and poor and the arabic spring have shown that our current, „very old“ systems and structures are not sufficient enough or in other words that they doesn´t work at all. Joachim Borner describes, that during this university we will try to find new metaphors, new stories, new ideas and maybe a new manual for the rocket, that will take us hopefully on a sustainable way.
The goal is to create a story, using spots, vod- and podcast, articles and pictures. Transmediastorytelling via Storyfi (example of 2011) is the magical word, which catches the hearts of the generation 2.0.

Towards resistance or the possimpible

Due to our different personalities, culture barriers and the productive „egoism“ of creativity, we will have to deal with controversials, differences and oppositions. We only have one week to achieve an understanding for each other in order to form a productive heterogeneous group. Therefore communication will be a central topic during this program (topic for the whole world). One form that can help us to overcome occuring obstacle, to take every possiblity and idea into account and to develope new concepts could be the participative communication. (Will be topic in another blog)

„Life is a theatre and the next weeks will challenge us to look behind its curtain.“ (J.Borner)
The speech of Joachim Borner was moving and encouraged me in my opinion, that this is the right place to find my answers and ideas.

Hasta Luego.

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