We introduce: Giovanni Fonseca

Giovanni Fonseca, engineer and teacher | Co-facilitator Workshop Web

  • Currently I am working to develop the first Edition of the International Summer University in Mexico 2014
Giovanni Fonseca

Giovanni Fonseca

Although I am an engineer, I had discovered that my real vocation and passion is to be facilitator. I was a teacher for more than 11 years, I was teaching on different educational levels from middle school to University level, giving class on maths, physics, chemistry, ICT, lineal algebra, biomedical instrumentation and environmental education.

For a little bit more than 6 years, I was the environmental education coordinator at Colegio Madrid, a big private school on Mexico City founded by a group of Spanish refugees in 1941. Also, and at the same time, I was the responsible for 2 years of a project called “Building Sustainable School”, coordinated by the environmental university program at UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico).

I had the opportunity to participate on the Leadership Training on Education for Sustainable Development, sponsored by GIZ (The international Cooperation Agency of Germany). Participants coming from Germany, India, Mexico and South Africa created common understandings about ESD, during the six months meanwhile we lived together in Germany. Of course this experience has changed completely my life.

Currently I consider by myself a constructivist facilitator for Sustainable development.

I was very kindly invited to participate on the International Summer University in Germany 2012 by Joachim Borner and Anne Mette, who were our trainers during the ESD LT in Germany. On January 2013 I was the co-facilitator with Jutta Franzen of the WEB 2.0 workshop given at the International Summer University in Chile. Currently we are working to develop the first Edition of the International Summer University in Mexico 2014.

If you would like to know more about me, I invite you to visit my personal blog, but I have to warning you telling that I had not enough time to update it…but I will work on that soon (also working to translate the articles because all of them are in Spanish). Also you can visit the documentation website for my Innovation project on ESD which I developed during the Leadership Training on ESD.

Featured project:
We 4 future, developed during the Leadership Training on ESD

Blog: edudigma
Contact: gio.fonseca@gmail.com  or gio.fonseca@we4future.org

CV breve:
A pesar de ser ingeniero, he descubierto que mi verdadera vocación es ser facilitador. Creo que he sido uno, desde hace varios años pero sin saberlo. Solía pensar que me gustaba ser profesor porque desde que tenía 15 años, me quedaba después de la escuela a darles clase a mis compañeros que tenían problemas en algunas materias difíciles como matemáticas y físicas. Durante esos años en los que ayudé a mis amigos a entender mejor esos temas, yo aprendí y me enamoré del constructivismo. Ahora puedo decir que soy un facilitador constructivista para el desarrollo sustentable.

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