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We introduce: Jennifer Maria Krah

Jennifer Maria Krah, teacher | Co-facilitator Workshop Web

Educational work towards sustainability is a great experience. It means finding creative solutions and communicating them positively. What I like best about it is bringing people together and being part of an intercultural exchange of experience on how to create and enjoy future.

My favorite work is teaching and being the facilitator of creative processes in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). My academic interest is directed at the relation between participation and ESD, where I am investigating organizational forms, methods and political frameworks that foster sustainable development in Latin America and Europe. In my main field of work – ESD in Higher Education – I coordinate network activities, test innovative teaching methods or develop ESD curricula. As Fellow of KMGNE and founding member of the initiative „We4Future“ I’ve worked in projects on Sustainability Education and Communication, such as the development of an ESD training concept for lecturers in Higher Education in cooperation with colleagues from Austria, India, Mexico and South Africa.

My academic interest in sustainability originates in environmental history, energy politics and international relations, so that I investigated on energy discourses during my work at the Research Centre Jülich.

I started taking interest in educational processes through my experience in the field of non-formal political and cultural education, where I discovered the topic of migration as another field of interest (FES & GI Madrid, DRK). My interests and experience combined in the international field of ESD during a Leadership Training by giz such as during the International Summer University, where again discovered my love for creative work and the medium of musical expression.

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