We introduce: Sarah Sandring

Sarah Sandring, Documentary Filmmaker // Photographer | Co-facilitator Workshop Web

  • Director and producer of independent films and productions commissioned by German television. Special interest in community art collaboration.
Sarah Sandring

Sarah Sandring

This year’s Sommeruniversität focuses on storytelling – an ancient, powerful way to emotionally connect people across time and space.

Community art collaboration brings together professionals with people on location to create art together. The process and results of these collaborations are often much more touching, insightful and multifaceted than any outsider’s work could ever be, while being a self-empowering experience for the people involved.

We will explore examples of community art projects and their potential in the context of development work.

Specifically, we will work with Polaroid cameras, using a method inspired by US-American photographer Wendy Ewald. An example of how a community art project can be designed.

Featured projects:
Examples of two very different community art collaborations I am currently involved in:
Innu Film Collaboration
Picturing Me – A photography collaboration with children of Chotian, Punjab

E-Mail: info@nirgunfilms.com
Website: www.nirgunfilms.com

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