We introduce: Pablo Hermida S.

Pablo Hermida S. | anthropologist

  • Development projects. Research / Socio-cultural topics
  • Ecoclub San Lorenzo, Ecuador
Pablo Hermida

Pablo Hermida

I want to contribute with a Latin American view to enrich the discourse of sustainable development and climate change:

I work in a development project called Ecoclub San Lorenzo, which is located in the town of San Lorenzo in northern coast of Ecuador. This area belongs to a macro bioregion called “Chocó” that spreads also through Panamá and Colombia. In Ecuador this area is known as a “hot spot” because of it´s high biodiversity. However, in social terms this area is considered one of the most conflictive and dangerous of Ecuador.

Therefore, our labour is to set up good life conditions, poverty reduction and to foresee the natural conservancy – in which most of the locals depends on it.

The Ecoclub Project focuses on Afro-ecuadorian youth providing them non-formal education after school, nutritional food, and workshops related on topics of ecology, art and oral traditions. Our goals are to enhance and develop both social skills and ecological alternatives.

Selected project: Ecoclub Ecuador

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