What’s up with Climate Culture?

Climate and Culture – a trans disciplinary project network

Climate and Culture, the new trans-disciplinary focus on Cultural Studies Institute (KWI) in Essen, is dedicated to an outstanding issue for the future, a new direction to the analysis of profound social change processes and thereby seeks dialogue with decision-makers from politics, business and science. Climate Culture connects to existing topics of the research college, so in issues of social responsibility, cultural memory and cross-cultural differences that are directly affected, of course, in the perception and management of climate impacts. This manifests itself from the effects of global climate change on migration, peace and international relations or at the change in urban communities through climate change. The KWI works with leading environmental and climate research institutions that participate in the regional implementation of the global climate agenda in the Ruhr region of North Rhine-Westphalia and brings his expertise to the political and social counseling.

Climate Culture Research Project

Climate Culture Research Project

In my perspective, Climate culture is a study that combine from climate topic with cultural side in large community, but it doesn’t talk about cultural in diversity. Therefore through climate culture, we can know how to face the obstacles in climate problem with culture approach and also know about perception of and response to the consequences of climate change, including issues of social responsibility, cultural memory and intercultural differences.

Some explanation in mind map about Climate culture that I have made summary from KWI Essen.

Scope of Climate Culture

Scope of Climate Culture

Talk about climate culture, actually we’ve already known and applied it in our daily life. But we didn’t know before that activities included to climate culture theme. For example in my country, Indonesia.  Recently years, community movement is so popular in my Indonesia that based on social movement. They don’t promote or campaign about climate change theme directly, but the activities that they have done already related to reduce climate change effect. One of the community movement is Indonesia Berkebun (Gardening Indonesia)

Gardening Indonesia is engaged community through social media and aims to spread a positive spirit to be concerned about the environment and urban with urban farming program, which utilize the vacant land in urban areas converted into agricultural land / plantation green productive roles undertaken by the public and surrounding communities as well as providing benefits to them. Gardening Indonesia has mission which concerning in ecology, education and economy. Now, more than 23 cities that have become networking of Gardening Indonesia participated to spread the positive spirit.

Some promotion that they have done in YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDaYIxMTrz8)

Gardening Indonesia awarded “ Heroes“ from Google Inc (2011) and the declaration of the World Urban Farming at the Tunza (2011), as well as a variety of other appreciation. Gardening Indonesia has succeeded in the to communicate their message to others people through social media.

Other community movement in Indonesia is Greeneration Indonesia (GI). Greeneration Indonesia a social enterprise which is engaged in the environment. Through the mission „to promote green attitude create green environment“, they would like to invite the people of Indonesia to behave environmentally friendly in order to create a sustainable environment. They offer the product as an alternative solution of environmental issues that exist around them, as well as running a program environment that invites the public to actively participate in environmental protection efforts. They believe that every action must be initiated locally, with the hope of improvement in the world can be created from each individual and our environment.

They make some products and sell it to the market and they want through their product then influenced environmentally awareness in community. GI products are created to be the solution of environmental issues that exist. Environmental issues that we focus on covering Waste, Air, Water, Energy (wawe), and each product is their attempt to answer these issues. The first product developed by GI is Bagoes, which is folding reusable bags to reduce the use of plastic bags. Bagoes name is a fusion between the bag and goes, which means the bag is easy to carry anywhere. Bagoes also the old spelling of the word ‚bagus‘, which means the quality and useful products.


Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen, Projektbereich Klimakultur

Klimakultur, Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen (KWI) / Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (KWI), 2009

Indonesia Berkebun

Greenearation Indonesia

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