Dripping point: WhATER you talking about?

The attendance of the Summer University at Karnitz is over: Now it takes some time till all the media we created will be edited for the web and you can follow our transmediastory „climAGEnts“.

As a pre-release we proudly present to you one of the story’s elements: the audio-drama „Dripping point: WhATER you talking about?“

Music by Handmade – Foggy_Dew“. Produced by Viola Raddatz, Hoang Do Minh, Janosch Borner, Magdalena Machalicka, Evangelia Kalogiannaki and David Donschen.
The participants worked with David Donschen at the radiostation „Studio Malchin“.

4 Antworten auf „Dripping point: WhATER you talking about?

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