#SUI14 | We introduce: Sarah Sandring

Sarah Sandring, Documentary Filmmaker // Photographer |  Workshop Docu-Arts

  • Director and producer of independent films and productions commissioned by German television. Special interest in community art collaboration.
Sarah Sandring

Sarah Sandring

The Docu-Arts workshop is a crossover between documentary working methods and the liberties of art, using Polaroid photography.

In this year’s Docu-Arts workshop, we will create a personal portrait series with locals from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (the area around Karnitz). From farmers to activists to mayors – we will search for the personal and emotional side of climate change by exploring it through their eyes.

What kinds of transformations are they witnessing? And what do these transformations mean to their sense of home, self, their work, their families?

We will conduct personal interviews, use instant photography and develop a series that merges writing and the photographic image in a large format. Above all, we will learn to create images that go beyond the obvious and the stereotypical. The work will be presented in a public exhibition in the end.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing ideas and visions!

Excerpt of ‘The Moment it Hits You’, a portrait series exploring personal moments of change in the lives of Summer University participants 2013

The Moment it Hits You’, a portrait series exploring personal moments of change
Summer University  2013

E-Mail: info@nirgunfilms.com
Website: www.nirgunfilms.com




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