#SUI14 | The Story: Change the Rules of the Game | Making of

screen_change_300Thinking on climate change, nature and biodiversity, we started at the International Summeruniversity the story of changing the rules of game.

We told a transmedia story over multiple media – videos, a podcast, an animation and a series of instant camera photos – all pointing out a special view and supplementary insights on the topics. You find the big story, now, arranged on storify, still open to new stories.

A main challenge of telling a transmedia story, is to build a consistent story out of the multiple stories. Based on the discussions and brainstorming during the first week at Karnitz, we described a common storyworld  by a „canon“, a set of binding rules all stories have to refer to:
Time: 2052
Core message: Change the Rules of the Game.
Symbol: playing cards
Persona/ Actors: Activist, politicians, stakeholder, citizens
Tonality: Humour, non-sarcastic

In close communication with the different workshops, the editorial team supported the canon and the references of any workshop/ media to the canon in order to build the big story out of the multiple stories. A common symbol card was designed:

The presentation on site at Neukalen Church was developed as another multiple story, told by two actors. Referring to the canon, the actors were a joker (symbol: playing cards) and a scientist (talking on ecosystemservices). The presentation followed the core message “Change the Rules of the Game” also by changing the traditional audience’ behaviour: interrupting the speaker, the screen at the back, going around etc.

The presentation online (storify.com/KMGNE) was prepared by developing an entry point (twitter conversation) and keyword, tags to each story/ media. They are automatically linked to twitter and ongoing discussions. Thus the story is connected to similar topics and easy to share by social media.

As soon as all the stories (podcast/videos/ photos) were edited and uploaded on the platforms (You Tube, flickr, wordpress), the story was finally arranged on storify and shared within the social networks.

For further distribution of the story and the media-products, during elearning phase II, the participants developed a strategy by

  • the persona concept,
  • planning and scheduling the dissemination actions;
  • a research for festivals, competitions etc.

Personas help you to understand your audience, not as an anonymous mass, but as persons with interests, attitudes, favourites etc. You will regard your audience as an interaction group, providing entry points to your story, not only for reading, but for engagement, following and sharing your content.

The funnel of dissemination has flipped: ” you address your audience, not as an anonymous mass, but as persons with interests, attitudes, favourites etc.  Similar to the “old” world of mouth, you spread the word to people to whom you are already socially connected (“friends”) or to people you have described as a persona,.

Up to now, the story shows on storify.com more than 770 views; the sharing will go on at least until the end of november.