#focuscity | We introduce: Gala Montero

Gala Montero | Actress, director, dramaturgist, concept and story developer.

She worked in theater, performances and films, as well teaching and doing research.
From 2013 she is living in Germany, working as curator and producer of Film Festival ”Días de Cine- Lateinamerikanische Filmtage“ and developing her own artistic work.

She studied Theater at “La Mancha”, International School of Image and Gesture; Sociology at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; Dramaturgy and Screenplay at Universidad Alberto Hurtado, in Chile

Gala Montero | Lecturer Summer UniversityFor my commitment to the Summer University’s topics, it is important to create good stories in order to engage people with what we want to communicate.
In the Summer University, we are working with academic topics but the challenge is how we introduce it in a story, to have powerfully visions about possible futures: there where the bounds between fiction and reality are already blurred. We look together how we can get the most from an idea and how to build a story.

E-Mail: galamontero@gmail.com

Some samples:

Homenaje a Inés Délano | Homage to Inés Délano from Gala Montero on Vimeo.

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