How will the citizens of Malchin live in 2055?

That was our leading question during the Summer University’s #focuscity attendance at Karnitz. Based on research, interviews and visions in 2015, we changed perspective and started telling MALCHIN STORIES FROM THE FUTURE, living in 2055:

“Forty years after the International Paris Climate Change Conference 2015 the most important scientific personalities will meet in Malchin to collaborate on the guidelines for the international politics about environmental sustainability. ….”

identify the key topics of the ficitional conference, taking place in Malchin in the year 2055.

In our workshops we worked on these issues and told multiple stories in different media:

Animation | Workshop lead: Kristin Meyer
Music Video | Workshop lead: Holger Kettner, Laura Geiger
Podcast |Workshop lead: David Donschen
Strollology | Workshop lead: Kevin Rittberger, Volker Zander
Viral Spots | Workshop lead: Eduardo Saavedra, Gala Montero

For some videos, we still wait for the final cut and will them publish soon.


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