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Video: Happy Baskets

This is the second video we created in Karnitz 2011 to arise awareness of waste separation. Thanks for all your great help on making this video possible.

Video: The Proposal

This video came into existence during our workshop ‚Grounding Our Future‘. It was inspired by Ruben Ivan Sidien. We hope you enjoy this short and fun statement.

May 5th, Solar Initiative MV: Can you hear the sun?

Besides the group activities on building the campaign, we visited the Solar Center Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, located in Wietow ( This gave us a broader view of the possibilities on how to use solar energy. The founder of the NGO ‘Solar Initiative’ welcomed us in their restored house, equipped with solar panels on the roofs, but also […]
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Stories from the future

Once upon a time in 2050. A radio track created in Mai 2011 by international participants of the program ‚Grounding Our Future ‚

Introduction to Vietnam

Although many westerners still imagine Vietnam through the lens of war, it is in reality a country filled with captivating natural beauty and tranquil village life. Its highlands and rainforest regions, far from being devastated, continue to yield new species and team with exotic wildlife. Its islands and beaches are among the finest in all […]
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Grounding our future: rising awareness of climate change

We are a group of international young people who are designing a campaign to raise awareness about Climate Change. Thats why we are currently in our first workshop in Karnitz, in the North of Germany. For a week we, coming from Vietnam, India, Mauritius, Italy and Germany, are living together in a sustainable framework at […]
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